Our menus are developed by La’Wan herself and are based on authentic. Southern style soul food. We place great emphasis on fresh ingredients and authentic soul food recipes. If you’re planning on stopping by for lunch or dinner, enjoy our delectable weekly specials, which are always served with 2 side orders, cornbread or a roll and a drink. Whether you choose lunch or dinner, we have a huge array of entrees and fabulous side dishes, plus we always have authentic soul flavored meals prepared fresh and exactly to your. Southern tastes. And if it’s a delectable dessert you want, let us show you what a real Southern soul food dessert will do to your taste buds. They are truly unforgettable.

Enjoy the Hearty Selections and Huge Portions from our Ample Menu

Fried Chicken LegDaily Lunch Specials

#1 Irresistible Golden Brown Fried Chicken Leg & Thigh:

Hand Breaded and Served with Home Made Special Seasoning.

La’Wan’s Chicken is always fresh and never frozen and cooked to a crispy brown.

#2 Two Flavorful Chicken Wings:

Hand Breaded, Home Made Special Seasoning, and Fresh Chicken (never frozen) Cooked to a Crispy Brown and Fried to Perfection.

Special Chicken Menu#3. Enjoy a Generous Portion of Chicken Tenders:

Fresh Chicken (never frozen) Hand Breaded, Home Made Special Seasoning, and Cooked to a Crispy Brown. Chicken Tender’s include 3 Juicy and Tender Hand Breaded Strips of all White Meat

#4 World-Famous Sumptuous Fried Pork Chops:

Hand Breaded and Fried to Perfection.

#5 Home Style Fried Chicken Livers, Cooked to Order:

Note: You may add our Special Gravy Sauce for additional flavor

#6 Home Style Fried Chicken Gizzards:

Hand Breaded and Fried to Perfection. Cooked to Order

#7 Filet Whiting:

Lip smacking Hand Breaded Filet Whiting with Special Seasoning

Sides: Choose any two of our Delicious Home Style sides. Apple Sauce | Cabbage | Fried Okra | Collards | Pinto Beans | Candied Yams Lima Beans | Rice | French Fries | Green Beans | Macaroni & Cheese | Bowl of Grits (Add Cheese) Mashed Potatoes | Potato Salad | Garden Salad | Coleslaw